Re: changing colour of custom shapes

At 27.11.2008 16:35, waldbauernbub wrote:
Dear Dia-Users!

I am trying to create a dia-sheet with symbols used in power-engineering (power station, cooling and heating cycles) which I intend to make available to other users once it's finished.

I am experiencing problems with the shapes which I created myself:
Exporting the shapes, importing into a sheet and using in a dia file works well. But when I try to change the colour of the inserted object not all lines change their colour.
I noticed the following behaviour:
Straight lines do not change the colour, but the colour beziergons and ellipses is changed to the desired one.

Looks like pure coincidence though I currently can not find the reason in the souce code.

I did a lot of research to find an answer to this question. I would appreciate your help.

I think this is (kind of) answered in the custom-shapes document. You need to use the symbolic names to get color editing capabilities:

  stroke       - The stroke colour.  You can use one of the symbolic
                 names foreground, fg, default, background, bg inverse,
                 text or none, or use a hex colour value of the form

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