Graph diagramming toolkit

Hi Dia developers!

I'm working on a  graph editing / layout library at Institute of
Mathematics and Informatics University of Latvia.
I'm interested to push releasing this library under GPL or LGPL. And
would like to hear if it would be useful for use in Dia or other open
source drawing applications and if there is interest in integrating it
in existing applications, like Dia.

The library primary goal is to support graph drawing tools with
coordinate calculation. It has no drawing / editing code, only algorithms.

The library has two core functionalities:
1: it provides basic layout algorithms - hierachical, symmetrical,

2: it provides graph editing support - updates object coordinates
after edit operations to ensure drawing readability, like:
* making nodes non overlapping
* making paths respect their style
* rerouting paths
* updating label positions

We support most of graph drawing elements:
* nested nodes
* orthogonal paths, polyline paths, straight paths
* node labels, path labels
* partial connector support


Viesturs Zarins
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics University of Latvia

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