Re: Use of 'del' key

Rudy VanRaemdonck verhaert com worte:


We recenlty introduced Dia as alternative to MS-Visio for making simple diagrams.

Although the program is very straightforward to use, I have one major complaint:

I use text boxes most of the time (rectangle with text in the middle). Very often the text needs to be corrected and the most intuitive way to do so is using the 'del' key for deleting the next character after the cursor. Unfortunately this deletes the whole textbox object right away. Fortunately with 'undo' you can quickly restore your 'mistake', jump one position to the right and use the backspace key instead.

Just search through the archives of the list - it was discussed recently (I think it was on December or November). To be short - you can change the hot key by editing settings.

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