Re: dia 0.96.1: How to change the menu language

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* Fri 2008-01-11 Steffen Macke <sdteffen gmail com> INBOX

I installed the Windows version of the Dia and all the menus are
now in my native language.

How Can I chnage it to use English?

Dia tries to look up the language from the Windows settings. 

That's okay, but the lack of selecting the languagae manually e.g.
during install is a serious shortcoming. You see, the accelerator keys
in native language are horrible.

All my programs, including Windows, is English. The Time, Keyboard etc.
need naturally to be in Native Language for the operating system due to
monetary, clock time etc.

So you might want to check your Windows language/locale settings. If
that doesn't help, the Dia FAQ has an entry that should help you to
solve your problem:

The FAQ mentions:

    If the language you want is English the easiest approach is to move or
    remove the language files (.mo) and allow the default English to show
    through instead. (There also exists a slightly more complicated approach
    whereby you set the locale variable on the command line.)

./dia --help-all | grep -i lang

The FAQ or above output doesn't mention what option should be used.
Does dia understand LC_ALL even in Windows?

Please advice,

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