Dia custom lines objects patch UPDATE (against svn rev. 3875)

Hi guys,

another day, another patch.

Today I present the updated custom lines patch, as previously introduced in:


(Please rever to that post about functional/technical details)

However, this time the patch has been updated in an answer to previous comments by Lars:


I've prepared a preview movie to see what the patch offers:



   - The dia custom lines plugin allows to specify preconfigured line types in a similar way
     to svg/shape files.  (This is useful for diagrams with specific predefined transition types
     with a predefined appearance).
   - removed all of the redundant code to improve maintainability
   - dia's code formatting is used, so no spurious whitespace reformatting
   - svn diff, so only source files appear inside the patch, no binaries/intermediates
   - svn diff against revision 3875

    - Loading/saving
    - copy/paste/duplicating

     - Line appearance can be manually altered after placing,
       the dialog hasn't been disabled yet as this is a non-trivial task.

Like yesterdays patch (about the non-uniform scaling), I'd wish to see it included in SVN.

Comments are welcome!



Marcel Toele
Kern Automatiseringsdiensten BV

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