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I just do window captures in jpg format (using an old demo of LView Pro) and insert that file.  If I export as some particular files format from Dia, I end up cropping, correcting misapprehensions of text size, etc. anyway.  So the window capture is easiest and true WYSIWYG.  I also do likewise for conversions to Inkscape, GIMP, PaintShop, and so on.

Also, I have no luck at all printing from Dia so I just don't try.  I get what I want on screen and snapshot it.  The Dia file then is just for diagramming.  It is sort of freeing not to worry in the Dia file how it will look as hardcopy.

BTW, I am saddled with XP x64 as an OS which means I have less available in the way of printer and other drivers.  Brand new obsolete OS - great idea on the part of my IT dept.

On Jan 10, 2008 11:52 AM, Todd Marshall < timza1221 gmail com> wrote:
My procedure for using Dia in Word documents:

1) Create Diagrams and Export to .wmf
  Note that problems with text can cause right side of text to become
cut off. .wmf export of text results in text that is larger than the
text shown on the screen.

2) In Word, menu-select  / Insert / Picture / From File /
  Select the .wmf file.

3) Picture can be viewed in Reading Layout. Menu-select  / View /
Reading Layout /.

4) Double click on picture (or context menu to 'Format Picture') and
select 'Size' tab. This is in 'Format Picture' dialog box.
  Increase size of picture to desired size on screen.

Does anybody have a better way?

This should go in FAQ.

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