Re: Poor website - poor product

Problem partially resolved, see below.

On 28 Dec 2007 at 0:00, wrobillard earthlink net wrote:


Well, if you don't like our website you'll hate our mail server. :-)

The link specified in the text

Up to date RPMs for various distributions can be found at Ximian.
Up to date packages can also be generated from the source by
running "rpmbuild -ta dia-*.tar.gz". 

Please rewrap your lines before you send your messages. If you want 
to occupy the moral high ground, it helps if you yourself only use 
impeccable software to communicate with us.

on the page
does not work.

I should not have to tell someone that. Someone should be
monitoring the links constantly. This is a sloppy site. I 
expect the "product" is also. Don't use the excuse that you 
are doing it for free as a "service" or some such other crap. 
Fix it or close it.

Your suggestion that the way an organization maintains its website 
reflects upon the entire organization is a valid one. Your claim that 
the outbound links should just work is correct. Your tone of voice 
needs much work.

Working on the assumption that the link is actually broken 
(robillard earthlink net reported on Dec. 28, I verified on Jan. 10) 
I have removed the offending link wholesale, since I could not 
discover its new location. Perhaps Linux users who are more in the 
know of where to find RPMs of Dia can restore the text and link once 
they've discovered a working link. 

Don't most packages have download managers today though (like get-apt 
for Debian)? Perhaps it would be enough to recommend users to use 
branko collin
collin xs4all nl

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