Re: Poor website - poor product

Ah yes, it appears Ximian has at least closed it's FTP server (or at
least has broken it for the time being). That's a shame. Thanks for
letting us know.

However, a few dead links does not make a sloppy site. If you'd like
to volunteer to either provide a stable web space to host the rpm
packages (as well as building them, especially customising them for
the different distributions) or ust check the website daily for dead
links, I'm sure you'd be gratefully welcomed, though you should
probably leave your ego at the door and understand that the Internet
is a regularly changing environment.

As it happens, there is a very clear link to the source code for the
product - which is what this project is meant to provide. It is
certainly not required for us to provide binaries - that is often work
for the maintainer of the distribution. We even go as far as providing
simple instructions on how to create the binaries from the source
code. I'm sorry if this is beyond you - but if it is, I wouldn't
recommend you use Linux any more.

Nick Moore

On Dec 29, 2007 12:14 AM,  <wrobillard earthlink net> wrote:
The link specified in the text

Up to date RPMs for various distributions can be found at Ximian. Up to date packages can also be generated 
from the source by running "rpmbuild -ta dia-*.tar.gz".

on the page
does not work.

I should not have to tell someone that. Someone should be monitoring the links constantly. This is a sloppy 
site. I expect the "product" is also. Don't use the excuse that you are doing it for free as a "service" or 
some such other crap. Fix it or close it.
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