Dia shapes problem

Hello there!

I have some problem with conversion of Visio stencils to Dia shapes.

1. I opened SVG files and saved it as Dia shape, it was saved with
link to original SVG.
Unfortunately Dia doesn't include "xmlns:xlink" into it and as a
result fails to load such shapes.

2. I tried to embed SVG file into .shape by copy-pasting.
My best result is Dia's segfault (my version is 0.96.1).
I believe I can reproduce it, so if anybody want to look, I could
recompile with debugging and provide
a backtrace.

3. I've dumped connection points for Cisco3745 and Network Modules, to
find that it were weirdly placed in original Cisco's stencils.
I believe it was supposed to be like on this picture
http://www.gnome.ru/misc/rect7025.png to simplify
"connection" of modules by matching connection points (picture for
module: http://www.gnome.ru/misc/rect8139.png).
It doesn't seem to work in Dia, so I'm looking for advice on
connection points placement for such cases.
(Currently I just skip suitable part of VSS files).

Examples of my shape collections are here:


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