Re: dia-svn install problem

Am 19.02.2008 15:54, Helmut Jarausch schrieb:

I had no luck in installing the svn version of dia on my Gentoo box.
I have
configure --with-python --with-swig --with-cairo
The SWIG stuff is not ready for consumption (to be installed).

It is a second set of bindings which is not needed for the
standard build. So just removing the --with-swig should do the trick.

And it will give you the hand-written Python bindings, which you may want.

I wasn't even aware (anymore) of the swig based _stand-alome_ bindings
being parially integrated with automake. (It was developed and tested by me on windoze but had linker problems on Linux last time I remember).
Unfortunately I cannot fix a broken configure myself.
Me neither (-:


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