Dia Automatic Layouting

Dear All,

Here [1] is a screencast of the work I've been doing. I will have a
patch ready soon (still some rough edges to be polished). Two problems
remains though, the first is "Differentiating between normal objects
and connectors", it only works with the "Standard - *" because I'm
still stuck with string comparison. The other problem is that I can't
figure out a way for the "Undo" feature to revert "all" of the changes
made by the algorithm in one step. We can discuss these problems in
detail when I send out the patch.

I am devoted to maintaining and developing this feature until it is perfected.

I would like to deeply thank all of the people on the mailing list who
helped me out with Dia and thus achieving my bachelor thesis.

Best Regards,

[1] http://katoob.googlecode.com/files/dia-coolness.ogv

Fred Morcos

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