Re: Question

Hello George,

What operating systems are supported (Windows 95? 98? ME? 2000? XP? Vista
(what flavor)?)?

Older versions of Dia used to run on Windows 95 and 98. They are still
available for download
but I wouldn't recommend them (i.e. security issues). Windows 2000, XP and Vista
with the latest service packs should be ok.

Memory requirements?

I've just tried Dia on Windows 2000 with 64 MB RAM - which is the
recommended OS minimum.
It works, but of course is slow due to swapping.
With 128 MB or 256 MB it should be just fine. Dia itself used around
12 MB RAM for the UML-demo.dia diagram.
Large and complex diagrams will use more memory of course.

Processor requirements?

I don't have old processors aroud for testing but I've started using
Dia a couple of years ago
with something like a 400 Mhz machine.
Dia should still run on such a machine. But according to todays
standards, I guess that many people would
say "It's slow". Though people that are used to a 400 MHz machine
might not notice it.

Disk storage for the executables?

An out of the box installation of Dia 0.96.1 on Windows consumes about
42 MB disk space.
If this is too much, you could strip out unused shapes, translations, etc.



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