Re: Dia custom lines objects patch UPDATE (against svn rev. 3875)

Hey Hans,

2008/3/5 Hans Breuer <hans breuer org>:
Hi Marcel,
sorry for not commenting earlier. I only found the time to look at your patch a few days ago. Unfortunately the way it was done is not portable.
As already noted in the ChangeLog ObjectTypeOps or even the Object definitions are not meant to be reused the way you did.

I just comitted the following to fix this:

Same here, time is a scarse commodity these days. Thank you for you fixes to the custom_lines plugin.

    - Line appearance can be manually altered after placing,
      the dialog hasn't been disabled yet as this is a non-trivial task.

I'm not sure if this a bug or a feature. Maybe the custom-lines types should just be used as templates, i.e. only change creation presets but afterwards just become normal standard objects?

I think,at least for now, it's acceptable as a "feature" to use them as templates. If, at a future date, there is a need to limit this, we could maybe add a locking mechanism to the "templates" -- anyway, just an idea.

Another thing missing is some sample/use of this plug-in in Dia's standard distribution. Having to download your "Demo, Custom Lines" to test the plug-in looks like a recipe to have it bitrotten more sooner than later.

You are quite right. I wrote both plugins (custom lines *and* non-uniform scaling) to accomodate the company's need for them.
I will inquire wether it would be legally possible to submit the created shapes/sheets to Dia's standard distribution (they're relatively generic, so I think there will be plenty of use of them).


Thank you too.



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