Re: segmentation fault on Mac OS X

On Sat, 2007-10-20 at 20:51 +0200, Emmanuel Di Pretoro wrote:

I've successfully compiled dia on my PowerBook. Unfortunately, when I
try to execute dia, I received a 'Segmentation fault'. 

So I've tried to debug the application with gdb. Here the log :

(gdb) bt 20
#0  0x90003340 in strcmp ()
#1  0x02552b08 in FcPatternPosition ()
#2  0x02553f50 in FcPatternGet ()
#3  0x02020778 in cairo_ft_font_options_substitute (options=0x5520170,
pattern=0x5520180) at cairo-ft-font.c:2198
#4  0x002bb410 in pango_cairo_fc_font_map_context_substitute
(fcfontmap=0x69622f68, context=0x27d9c78, pattern=0x5520180) at
#5  0x021cfdc4 in pango_fc_font_map_load_fontset (fontmap=0x27d3a88,
context=0x27d9c78, desc=0x7ff800, language=0x551ff70) at

It seem the problem came from fontconfig. But some searches on Internet didn't give me full satisfaction. 

It's interesting that the error comes through Cairo.  If you compiled
with Cairo, try without, otherwise try with.  Do other GTK-based
programs work?  


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