Re: Non-uniform scaling/resizing.

I just discovered,

it looks (visually) a bit adding a Class object to a Large Package in UML. When resizing the package shape, the contained class shape doesn't resize/rescale.


2007/10/19, Marcel Toele <dpy dia gmail com>:
Yes, thought of things like that.

I'd like to have percentages, points, other units.

Also I think it would be useful to have ctrl+resize-dragging do uniform resize in addition to the (to be) normal operation for shapes that contain these "subshapes", in which case the resize-dragging would be applied non-uniformly, as described in the previous post.

This way, the end-user can bail-out or override the subshape behaviour for the current diagram.


2007/10/19, W. Martin Borgert < debacle debian org>:
On Fri, Oct 19, 2007 at 02:06:36PM +0200, Marcel Toele wrote:
> or not at all, when the parent is resized). This implies, that a sub-shape
> is anchored somewhere in the parent.

It would be nice, if this anchor point could not only be fixed
(such as "top-left" of the parent), but also relative to the
parent, e.g. "5% below top of parent, 10% of parent size from
parents left border".

Anyway, your planned change is welcomed warmly!

Cheers, Martin

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