Re: Dia v096.1 - Windows

Hello Carlo,

the parenting/unparenting functions are available. However, not all
objects are supporting them.

Try the following example:

* Switch to the UML objects
* Add a large package to the diagram
* Add a UML component to the large package (move it inside)
* You will notice that the large package is now the parent of the
component, you cannot move the component outside of the large package
* Select "Unparent" from the menu.
* Now you can move the component outside of the package.
* You can use "Parent" again to keep the component inside the package.
* You'll also notice the difference from grouping: When grouping
objects, their relative positions are fixed. Parent/child options can
be moved (You can move the component inside the package),

You are right, this functionality is not mentioned yet in the documentation.



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