Re: Pasting text into dia diagrams. Was: Re: hello

On Mon, 2007-11-26 at 21:58 +0100, Marcel Toele wrote:
Hi Todd,

pasting text from the paste buffer in dia does not use 'ctrl+v', but
rather 'ctrl+shift+v'.
I never understood this design decision either but it's the way it
works for now.

Not so much of a decision as a dirty hack.

  I think it has to do with the fact that: 
        1. A selected text object in dia always has keyboard focus;
        2. On top of that, dia always keeps short-cut focus. 

Exactly.  Used to be you could only copy/paste objects, then I added the
hack of extra text copy/paste shortcuts since it was a lot easier than
fixing the text input system.

I saw a discussion about text objects and focus a few weeks ago, don't
know what 
has become of it. Again, it would be best to have text objects
get/lose explicit 
keyboard focus. This way it should be possible to differentiate
between ctrl+v on a 
text object *with* keyboard focus (namely, paste text from the
system's pastebuffer)
and ctrl+v on a text object without keyboard focus, namely a shortcut
that doesn't get
handled and should dripple through to the diagram keyboard handler to
issue a paste 
of what is inside a dia copy buffer.

It's getting there.  We now have a working splitup between text edit
mode and non-text-edit-mode, which allows us to let normal copy-paste
work on the text in text edit mode only.  Don't expect text selection
soon, though.


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