Re: exporting to other packages

On Sun, 2007-05-06 at 14:35 +0500, Suhail Qadeer wrote:
I am trying to export diagrams generated by Dia to open Office
presentation. I have tried eps and jpg. However both, when imported do
not give satisfactory resolution. I am using A4 size page in Dia. Please

Do try some of the vector-based formats like SVG, WMF, WPG, or DXF first
before going to bitmapped formats like JPG og PNG.  Of course, a lot
depends on what Dia and OpenOffice together gets right, so you may find
that in the end, exporting to PNG (not with pixbuf, if avoidable) may be
necessary.  Using non-pixbuf PNG will allow you to set the resolution
high enough to look reasonable.


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