0.96 final release is out!

We are now calling ourselves ready to send out 0.96 final release.  The
bugs are thinned down drastically, and we believe it's time to get back
to adding cool new features.  You can download the release at
Feel free to announce the release in your favorite software catalog,
news site etc.  Here's a text appropriate for posting (the first
paragraph made to stand alone for where smaller blurbs are required):

The Dia developers are proud to release version 0.96 of the popular
diagramming tool Dia.  Dia is a tool for making diagrams and schematic
illustrations for articles, books, documentation, modelling and other
uses, inspired by Visio, but with a simple and intuitive interface.  The
version introduced import and export of Visio VDX files, improves the
font rendering, adds a sheet of BPMN objects, and has numerous other
fixes and improvements.

Visio VDX interoperability has been added by Ian Redfern.  It is still
in a beta stage, but should help those in diverse environments or who
want to migrate away from Visio.  The font width issues that have
plagued Dia the last several releases should now be fixed, both for
zooming and for printing.  We have also changed to the GtkAction
framework in preparation for a tool-bar option.  Anthony Molinaro has
provided a set of objects for Business Process Modelling (BPMN).  Bug
fixes and improvements too numerous to mention have been applied in many
places, making this a quite stable release.

Linux users of earlier versions should take note that text widths may
change significantly when updating to 0.96.  However, text widths should
be more stable between zoom levels and different export options now.
Plug-in writers should take note that the plug-in API has changed


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