Re: Dia with newer python on win32

Hi Andreas,

we want to use dia as drawing tool on win32 machines (WinXP/W2k).
The installation of the binary package on win32 is O.K. but the integration
of the python plugin isn't.
I think the reason is the old python dll (2.2) dia looks for.

How can I get dia working with it's python plugin and a newer installed
python ?

Unfortunately, you'll have to compile Dia and all its depencies
yourself in order to
use a Python version > 2.2 on Windows. The reason is that Dia is using
while newer Python versions are linked against msvcrtXX.dll versions.
This creates
an incompatibility in the different versions. As we are using
precompiled versions of
underlying libaries, we stick to msvcrt.dll for the time being.

Supporting Python > 2.2 on Windows would more than double my effort to package
Dia for Windows. As my resources are very limited, I cannot do this.
However, if you want
to put up the necessary funding for this, I think it can be arranged.

What is wrong with Python 2.2? You can install it nicely in parallel
to other Python



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