Re: New Dia shape repository / New CMOS and Digital shapes by Jason Klaus

Does this mean that the shapes kept at will not be added to future releases
of dia?

Not necessarily. However, it gives us more flexibility. Some things to consider:

* On slower systems the sheet loading time is already quite long,
adding the possibility to have optional shapes might help
* It is not feasible to have a new dia release for every new set of
shapes. The new repository
will make the process of sharing shapes easier
* It will allow to share shapes where the Dia developers feel that
they to not meet the
quality standards
* If you look at the digital shapes: Dia already has some very similar
shapes. I haven't looked at the details and I will not make a
decision, but I think the ones from Jason Klaus are "nicer", at least
in terms of the icons. The repository gives a place for people to test
and discuss here on the mailing list how such things could be merged.



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