Fwd: drawing SDL diagrams with Dia

Dear Ali,

I'm forwarding your email to the Dia mailing list. There might be
others which have
some ideas regarding this issue.

To allow proper judgement, I think you should provide both your input
data and a sample
output diagram, revealing all the complexity you would like to diagram.



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From: ali azimi
Date: Aug 14, 2007 2:18 AM
Subject: drawing  SDL diagrams with Dia
To: sdteffen gmail com

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you in advance for any advice you might give me.
I am currently a student at MSc level in computing. For my final
project, I have to implement a program which is able to accept CIF
files and display SDL-GR diagrams on the screen. I have successfully
managed to produce a lexer, parser, Abstract Syntax Tree and a tree
walker in java environment. I have written a java test rig which when
is run, accepts input CIF text and produces AST then tree walker
displays flat version of the tree. Now for the final part of the
project, I need some utility that will turn the abstract syntax tree
into concrete graphical syntax for SDL. I could embed some java code
within tree walker and use java 2D to display the symbols and their
connections. However, their coordination and some other issues seems
to be a daunting task in my opinion as I do not have great experience
of programming and have just one month to the deadline of my project.
I have been advised that the Dia tool could be an option for the
purpose of my project. Would you suggest the Dia tool? Can I draw SDL
diagrams with Dia using command line and writing codes? If yes, would
you please give me some advice?

Thank you a million time.

Best regards,

A. Azimi

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