Dia VDX plug-in 0.5

Version 0.5 of the Dia VDX plug-in can now be found at http://www.redferni.uklinux.net/dia/vdx/

This is the first version to support export to VDX - for now, just straight lines and text, but I'm working on the more complex bits. It currently writes Visio 2002 VDX as a lowest common denominator, but that won't handle Beziers, so when I get round to converting them to NURBS, only Visio 2003 users will be able to import them.

There are also several improvements to import, both to fix the layout and clean up the code, and it can now import embedded bitmaps - as Dia needs them to be separate files, it puts them in /tmp (or wherever tempnam() goes to on your system). Alternative suggestions are welcome. NURBS import still doesn't work, but everything else seems pretty reliable.

I'd be interested in feedback from anyone who's used it, and, as always, I'd appreciate more real-world diagrams to try it against. Volunteers to try reading VDXes in Visio are now also very welcome.

Ian Redfern.

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