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I exported some dotted lines with several segment lengths with Metapost and compiled the .mp file using mptopdf. With the default segment length of 1.00, it is not possible to observe differences between the dotted and a solid line in the resulting .pdf file when setting the zoom factor
to 200%. The dotted line with a segment length of 2.00 appears to have segments that are just touching each other with their round ends.

Dashed lines seem to have less problems with converting to Metapost. When the dashed line segment length is set to 0.10, the gaps between the segments are more or less equal to the dotted line with 2.00 (in Dia). In the corresponding .pdf file, there is a difference in the gaps of both line types anyway - the gaps between the dashed line segments are bigger.


Rob McDonald wrote:
Some things are pretty subtle to pick up in a test case, you may want
to try to incorporate them.

Changing the font, making sure all the fonts work.

I remember having trouble setting the font size exactly as I wanted
it.  We changed some code to get it very close, but I usually go into
the *.mp file and manually adjust it to get the font size perfect.

Text positioning is wrong, see Dia bugzilla 332554.  A test case for
this could have three independantly positioned words, but positioned
in a line.  (And the words can't all have dropped or raised
characters.  i.e. one  two gram).  At present, these words will be
aligned in Dia, but not in the MetaPost output.

Thorsten Hehn reminded me of some problems with line styles.  Dotted
lines don't appear properly in the final pdf output.  I'm sure he'll
reply with details.

I'll try to remember any other anomolies with the output that could be
incorporated into a test case.


I finally put all my test cases together in one big test case. The dia
file is attached. IMHO, I got everything dia can do.

If someone knows better or missing test cases, please add them!!

I have to admit that I am right now really using metapost for all my
figures which contain latex stuff. But exporting this test case to
metapost will aready show that there are also problems with the metapost
export plugin, e.g.:
        - filled rectangles
        - line ends are always rounded
        - couldn't export with image in it, as it exceeded some
          internal memory limit.

Just tell me what you think of it.


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