Re: Question about PNGs in a new shape set

On Wed, 2005-04-20 at 20:10 -0700, anthonym overture com wrote:
So I went and cleaned up the icons, try out

I'm going to go ahead and start the migration of these into the dia
shapes and sheets directories.  I know that Alan suggested a Business
directory, but I think that the BPMN needs to be in there somewhere.

Currently it's placed in a BPMN directory (if you install the tar above),
and also currently in each of the shape file <name> tags it has
"BPMN - [shape name]".  Now, I believe the name is only used to tie the
sheet and the shape together, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, if I were
to switch this to a Business sheet, but left the names containing BPMN
would that make sense?

Anyway, let me know, also if you have chance to look at the new icons
and comment, let me know as well.

Amazing what you find when digging through old mail.  I've added these
now, they're very nice.


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