Re: Help needed: the object oriented structure of dia

On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 21:08 +0530, Kautilya Jain wrote:
Dear dia developers,
 I'm Kautilya Jain, an UG student in the department of Computer Science &
Technology at Indian Institute of Tehnology, Bombay, India. I'm enrolled
in a course related to object oriented design and techniques. One of the
requirements of the course expects me to study the class/object structure
of the "dia" (or a similar tool, for this purpose I've selected dia). Can
you please help me in this regard, as in to re-direct me to the relevant
resources for this, or may be you can e-mail me the documents if they are
available with you. I'd be grateful to you for any help you provide me
for this.

There's some description in the source, under samples/Self, in the form
of diagrams, the rest is really in the sources.  See the .h files in lib
(esp. diaobject.h, element.h, connection.h...) and compare the
objects/standard files.


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