Re: Read only attribute

On 19.03.2006 15:08, nadim khemir wrote:
Nice to know other got the problem too; it makes me feel less lonely. I hope glib gets what you need soon.

Following the link provided would have revealed that GLib already has
g_access() since 2.8. An implementation conditionalized on
GLIB_CHECK_VERSION(2,8,0) would be accepted.

But there are at least two reasons why we don't have a hard dependency
on GLib 2.8 yet. For one it would imply gtk+-2.8 and thus cairo and
complete dropping of win9x. The other reason are users with outdated
Linux distributions ;) [I was going to say the maemo platform but that
has gtk+-2.6.x but apparently GLib 2.8.x already.]

Hans, do you want small stuff to be discussed in the mailling list first or to be reported as "bug" directly? an example, when moving connector ends, the standard icon is a 4 way arrow which obscures completely the connector making the whole procedure a pain. is that to be discussed here or reported?

It depends. More effective than just discussing minor points would be
providing patches. And they should definitely go into bugzilla to reduce
the probability of being forgotten.

An example, having a better cursor (maybe a 'target' less ugly than the
one provided by standard X cursors) and a patch to set it at the right
places would belong into bugzilla and could be applied quite quickly ;-)


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