Connecting line to line

From time to time a question about connecting lines appears at the list    
 I think I found  a very easy way to get it done by using the standard   
ellipse  as a conection point: The ellipse can be made as small as you want   
so  nothng extra can be seen.     
I think it works all right.    
I attach a diagram and its correponding .png with the intention to show how   
to join two lines:   
First, (inferior part of diagram), showing a big ellipse to join the lines.   
After they are really connected, the ellipse is made to decrease in size   
until we see just a green dot.   
Now, as usual, we can break the connection by dragging one of the lines   
(without touching any of its control points). And change the shape size or   
position of lines moving (for this example) its free end point.   
The central part of diagram looks like a polyline; but it is formed by two   
lines joined with an ellipse.   
The upper part looks like just a line but again it is formed by two lines   
joined with an ellipse   
loli unsa edu ar

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