DIA 0.95

Title: Mensaje
Dear sirs or madams,
I would like to thank you the effort in the program you develop, provided I have been taking benefit from it. I plug my own plug-ins in the same way as your UML library does do. My plug-ins are physical modelling libraries where the dragged and dropped objects are not only to make beautiful diagrams but to input data inside objects and build topologies. My plug-ins use a C++ architecture in such way that users could build its own libraries and dia would recognize automatically the objects structure, the connections,etc.
I would like to make you three questions:
-Do you have any idea about what is the dia future?. From v0.93 to v0.94 the C structures changed completely and I had to rebuild my libraries with a big effort. Now with v0.95 the API has changed again. The effort has been lower but had to recompile again all my libraries. Do you plan to change the plug-ins interface in every new version? It would be nicer to keep plug-ins through newer versions.
-For Linux platforms I am using libtool, but not for windows and it works. The use of libtrool makes compilation slower, is it possible to do not use libtool in the rest of platforms?
-The policy I am following is do not modify any line in your code, to be compatible with new versions. In that case mayI send you a few requirements for you to be considered?. May I ask you question about the best way to do some tasks?. So far, I know I am using a low percentage of dia capabilities and perhaps the work is already done.
Thanks for your attention and best regards


Oscar Córdoba Muñoz
ITP Performance Team
Tel +34 91 2079437

Fax +34 91 6764676



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