select/copy/paste/delete when editing text and UML widgets

Hi All,

I've been using Dia a lot recently, and am learning to really like it. I haven't found a non-commercial program similar to Visio with all the features Dia offers. That said, I have noticed a few "inconveniences":

1. When editing text, select/copy/paste don't work, and the delete key deletes the object. Given the amount of text in any drawing, it's tedious to have to retype everything. Not having a delete key just makes that task all the more difficult.

2. UML fonts and line thickness. I've seen some comments in the archive about this from a few years back, but the use of non-resizable monospace fonts and thick lines make the UML tool unsuitable for all but personal use. Since I don't need the diagrams for generation, I'm using nested boxes and text, but it would be much nicer to use the dedicated tools (especially when defining associations).

Any ideas on workarounds appreciated,


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