include dia into latex-file - problems with display/print/export

I use dia 0.94 with SuSE 10.0, KDE.

There some problems with display/print the dia elements. If I create a 
class-symbol and write down some attributes, ... the font size is often 

If I zoom in or out, sometimes the problem is gone. Sometimes the problems is 
solved with restarting dia. And sometimes I can't solve the problem without 
deleting the symbol/item and create a new.

Is this a known problem??

The same is by printing the diagram or export it to eps. I print the diagram 
and something like in the attached pdf is shown.

How can I solve this problem?? I use dia to create diagrams for my diploma 
thesis and I cant use the diagrams (UML & ER) if there is something wrong 
with printing/export. :-(

What is the best solution to get the diagram into a latex-file?????????????

I hope someone can tell me how to solve my problem.

tia and greetings


I resized my diagram to one page.

I uploaded an example on my webpage:

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