Re: How to Set a Scale (e. g. 1:50)?

On Fri, 3 Feb 2006 07:00:28 +0000, tobias.besch wrote 
        I?m new to Dia. 
It looks very good. Congratulations to the developers! 
I?d like to draw up a building plan and haven?t found a way to set  
the scale of the canvas (e. g. 1:50). 
Can anyone shed some light on this? 

This is what i "understand" about "scales" and Dia. (Sorry if it is of no 
use for you) 
While we are drawing a diagram with Dia we see the canvas with its little 
squares. They have always same virtual size: 1 canvas unit x 1 canvas unit. 
Horizontal and vertical rules are marked with canvas unit. 
But we can see those squares bigger or smaller according to the chosen zoom. 
The canvas is usually marked with blue lines, forming rectangles indicating 
pages of future prints.  These blue lines depend on the chosen scale.   
Before printing a diagram. We can choose the scale for printing. 
A scale of 100%  means that one canvas unit will be represented  as 1 cm in 
the paper. 
A scale of 50%   means that one canvas unit will be repesented  as 0.5 cm in 
the paper. 
We can choose a fixed scale (by its number) or an automatic scale (for 
example we can ask that  our diagram use just 1 page or 1 x 2 pages ...)  
Scaling can be chosen for a particular diagram from    
    File -> Page Setup 
(Not the File  from the palette menu but the one for the diagram)     
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