LaTeX Text Integration

I mentioned TeXPoint (the LaTeX PowerPoint plugin) to a friend, who
mentioned a similar plugin for Open Office.

The OO plugin ( is GPL.  The OO macro
parts are in their macro language (so not all that helpful), but the
execution script is simply bash, and would probably work very well for
DIA's purposes.

Here is the PowerPoint plugin for reference
(  This is not open source.

There is also a similar plugin for KeyNote
(   Source available
(Mac Macro language)

There have been a succession of versions for Skensil  (Python)  (Python)

Blog entry about another plugin (Ruby).  References a broken link to a
PHP script.
And the web page.

One for GAIM (laugh) (C)

There appear to be a few more.  Googling for 'latex plugin' is quite
fruitful.  Although about half the hits are for contextual
highlighting or version tracking.

Maybe this list will inspire someone.

Or maybe one of the developers of one of these would be
interested/willing to port their work to DIA.


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