Re: help on EPS

On Wed, 2006-08-30 at 19:09 +0200, Marco Molica Colella wrote:
Hi everybody, I'm a new user of DIA .I'm using it for some drawing
task on my laurea thesis.My gratest problem is that,when i export
a .dia file as eps, all the greek signs turn into normal..should be
italic... fonts(however it'snot greek!!!).Is it a Dia or a Ghostview
problem???Thanks however!!

It's a Dia problem.  We do not yet have the code for embedding fonts in
EPS files (except for dumping the whole font in, and that leads to a)
huge files and b) copyright problems), so only the 14 standard fonts are
used.  Unless you export as EPS using Pango fonts, in which case the
letters are turned into shapes -- which looks right, but then there's
other things you can't do with the EPS.


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