Re: bugs in Dia for Windows

On Thu, 2006-08-17 at 12:10 -0700, Jaime Sanchez wrote:
Perhaps you should try out Inkscape,

It is a free, open-source interactive SVG editor. I know because I use 
it, and it's very intuitive. The way I see it, Dia, looks just like 
Sodipodi and GIMP, and it is awkward to use.

That's a matter of taste -- I use Gimp for prepping my photos for
exhibits, and find it not awkward at all.  Photoshop on the other hand
confuses me:)

Inkscape is a fork of Sodipodi but it boasts much more features and it 
is more consistent.

Inkscape is much more of a vector drawing program than a diagramming
program like Visio and Dia, so it won't (for a while at least) fill that
niche.  That's also why I'm not in a hurry to add hatch fills and
shadings and such to Dia, that's not what Dia is about.

What I need to look into now is Inkscape's text rendering, for it is
vastly superior to Dia's.  Thank you for clueing me in to that.


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