Re: setting font size in UML diagrams

On 8/8/06, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Koch <wilfriedkoch gmx de> wrote:


does anybody know how to set the (absolute) size font size of an DIA UML
element (e. g. an class box). The black "adjuster dots" obviously don' work.

The font height looks hardcoded in the UML plugin:

rstaud STAG18 /d/Devel/dia/dia/objects/UML$ grep 'define.*_FONTHEIGHT' *
association.c:#define ASSOCIATION_FONTHEIGHT 0.8
classicon.c:#define CLASSICON_FONTHEIGHT 0.8
component_feature.c:#define COMPPROP_FONTHEIGHT 0.8
constraint.c:#define CONSTRAINT_FONTHEIGHT 0.8
dependency.c:#define DEPENDENCY_FONTHEIGHT 0.8
generalization.c:#define GENERALIZATION_FONTHEIGHT 0.8
implements.c:#define IMPLEMENTS_FONTHEIGHT 0.8
large_package.c:#define LARGEPACKAGE_FONTHEIGHT 0.8
message.c:#define MESSAGE_FONTHEIGHT 0.8
object.c:#define OBJET_FONTHEIGHT 0.8
realizes.c:#define REALIZES_FONTHEIGHT 0.8
transition.c:#define TRANSITION_FONTHEIGHT 0.8

There might be better advice but I've been tweaking UML appearance
(e.g. line thickness) in the source and it worked quite well.
For what it's worth, rebuilding can be a bit painful on platforms
auto-tools are not natively available. Dia however has a fairly
comprehensive win32 build documentation available at

Hope that helps,

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