0.94 WinXP Install Problem

i downloaded dia 0.94 for windows and it won't start
on winxp 5.1 SP2.  it gave me an error and asked to
send a report.

so, i decided to download the platform independent
version.  i unzipped everything and now have a folder
"dia-0.94" on my desktop with no clue what to do.

i don't see an executable.  i saw a file called
INSTALL, but didn't install.

i haven't found an adequate solution on the net, so
i'm either out to lunch here or just unlucky.

i noticed a reference to gtk+.  i run gimp fine.  some
of the instructions say that gtk+ needs to be in the
same directory as dia for it to run.  i assumed this
meant that the upper level files and the folders
should  be in the same folder as dia.exe.  it still
wh=ouldn't start (i tried before giving up on this
version and moving to the platform independent

any help would be appreciated.

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