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I am currently trying to convince my company to go with open source
software instead of upgrading to the next version of Microsoft Products
we currently use.  Part of those efforts is an attempt to convert us
from Visio to Dia.  My IT manager agreed to give Dia a chance, however
when I installed it on his PC, it failed to run properly and not
surprisingly, he wasn't impressed.

After uninstalling and reinstalling did not correct the error, I thought
I'd throw it out to the list.

The error I'm getting in a dos window upon startup is:
I/O Failed to load external entity "NULL"

The main drawing window appears and we can draw a single object, however
after that point, any attempt to draw or select objects causes the
program to hang.

I do not have the same problem on my PC, however.

We are both running modern PC's (me 3.0 GHz Pentium, him 2.2 GHz
Pentium) with plenty of memory and using Windows XP SP2.

Any hints or suggestions for solving this problem would be greatly
appreciated as my IT manager is still keen on giving it a try.

Thanks in advance,
Drew MacDonald
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