Re: A patch to support creating network diagrams using programs

On 5/16/05, Michael Tiemann <tiemann redhat com> wrote:
I'm writing some scripts to extract data from spreadsheets and build
network flow diagrams.  I assumed that if I created a line that
connected handle A to handle B that dia would figure out where to put
the line and display it.  It did not (instead defaulting to position 0,0
and bounding box 0,0,0,0).  Here's a patch so that locations and bb's
can be inferred by what they connect.

If dia DTRT with lines like this it would make my life a lot easier
with Autodia, please include this patch ASAP as it would greatly
increase the ease of integration with dia files - I have tried to
guestimate where lines should go in dia when generating dia xml but
it's too arcane and I don't want to have to read C (that's why I
learnt and use perl :)


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