extending dia

Hello Dia Gurus!

We are trying to adopt Dia as frames designer for our domestic process
control  system. With some success for now. We are planning to make some
minor fixes, for which  in turn we need community support, to implement it
in "right" way. 

We are using 0.94 version under Win32 linked against gtk-2.6 modules. The
project sources will be available on line. 

We have custom gtk widgets which we want to place and configure using Dia.
Can you advice us how to make gtk widgets to behave as Diagram objects. 
As I think we must write some kind of "adapter" object to represent
widgets in diagram, but the ways of implementing it, which I can imagine,
seems difficult and tricky to us, even to start playing with them. So can
somebody show the best suited way for Dia?

We need a way to configure diagram not only with page size, but also with
pixel size. And then, while rendering diagram to something drawable, place
diagram in center of defined frame (something like extended page types
"640x480" , "1024x768", etc). How this can be achieved?

Thank you, and best regards.

Alex Karev.

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