Re: python support

On 23.03.2005 07:07, Greg Steffensen wrote:
Yeah, I was confused.  Some of the plugins do seem to be registered,
and work correctly (pydiadoc, svg export).  Some don't though.  The
"select by color" plugin doesn't seem to show up anywhere in the
running program, nor the gtkconsole plugin.  How are you supposed to
access the functionality?

Sounds like you are using the "diagram menu bar" and not the original
rigth click menu. And it seems to be the same issue as someone else
complained about on this list some days ago.
Cause I'm using the traditional menu - which simply works - it may be
useful to at least report the issue to bugzilla. Otherwise it probably
will get forgotten again.
BTW: This isn't at all PyDia specific, it just happens that PyDia is
the only user of filter_register_callback() and apprently the menu bar
does not correctly handle filter_get_callbacks().

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