Dia Python. Hiccups: updating Layer Dialog view

First off I want to say how great it is to have Dia Python and I hope to
learn more about it and put it to good use.

I have one massive problem with Dia Python at the moment, none of the Dia
Python plugins appear in the menus if you use the Menu bar.  I'm not
exagerrating when I say this cripples Dia Python for me.

I was hoping to write a script that would take the current sheet and draw
a sample sheet containing one of each shape.  I think this might be useful
for me, I found myself doing it a lot recently while trying to test some

However I decided to start off with something a whole lot simpler: adding
a New Layer.  Although I got the basics working without any problem but
there were some problems.

The biggest problem is that the Layer dialog doesn't update.
Another problem is that if I try and create a "_Layer" menu with a
mnemonic instead of just "Layer" I get a warning and the script wont work.
(I noticed this while trying to create a "De_bug" menu to give quick
access to another script while testing it.)

It isn't really a problem I was hoping to send a status bar message so
that there would be some kind of feedback that something has actually
happened and I haven't figured out how to do this yet or if it is even
possible.  I'd really like to avoid popping a message dialog everytime I
want to provide user feedback.

Is it possible to request a keybinding when registering a plugin?

Python Dia is great and I think it will provide an opportunity for me to
try out lots of new ideas.

Thanks for any help you can give, and any documentation you can point me
to or specific files in the source code might also be helpful.

And Happy Saint Patricks Day to you all.
Insert "python, snake, Saint Patrick" joke here.


Alan Horkan

Alan's Journal http://advogato.org/person/AlanHorkan/
Dia is for Diagrams  http://gnome.org/projects/dia/

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Abiword is Awesome http://www.abisource.com

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