Re: drawing graphs with dia

On Sat, 2005-03-12 at 20:11 +0100, Grégoire Dooms wrote:

In a general setting with an auto-gap, what do you think about this:
instead of absolute-gap and fractional_gap we could use gap_offset and 
gap_proportion (liner factor) where this latter could apply to either 
the line/curve length or the autogap length.

To sum up:
offset / prop / target
.10 / 0 / self : constant gap of .10
0 / .1 / self : gap is 10% of length
.10 / .1 / self : gap is 10% of length + .10
0 / 0 /auto : arrow touches edge
.10 / 0 / auto : arrow is 10 away from edge
0 / -.5 / auto : arrow is halfway inside the object

positive values always increase the gap, negative decrease the gap.

Forgot to comment on this part.  One of the problems I had with the
existing code was how many options it added.  It's an interesting idea
to have the fractional gap action depend on being connected to the
object, not sure yet if that would be intuitive.  I was pondering if the
gap could be a single number, where you can either give a length or a
percentage, and it behaves in one or the other of the above mentioned
ways.  No way to make the combined gap, but I don't think it'd be used
that much anyway.  I think the constant gap really is the most important
feature, and we should go for that first -- I don't have a good use case
for the fractional gaps yet.


Lars Clausen <lars raeder dk>

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