Re: dia 0.94, Win2000: Keyboard input focus on Zoom control

Carsten Fuchs sagde:
Hello all,

another question that occurred to me after upgrading from 0.92.2 to
0.94: It seems that in 0.94, the Zoom control (lower left window corner)
*always* has the keyboard input focus - even when one clicks with the
mouse into the center diagram drawing area.

That means that the arrow keys cannot be used to scroll the view
anymore, which in turn means that a really convenient feature is not
available in 0.94 anymore...

Just for your info. It would be superb to see this re-enabled in 0.95
again.  :)   I'll look into the code and see if I can spot the problem,
but due to my lack of experience with the dia code base, I'll probably
not succeed very soon.

That sounds like a bug.  I don't have a running Dia right at hand, so
could you file a bug report on, then we can remember to
get it done.


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