Re: File corruption when using dia 0.94 on windows and linux

On 18.06.2005 14:59, Askadar wrote:
Hi dia-list,

first let me thank you for the work that you put into dia, it is
really a quite useful tool.

My team and I use dia for drawing various UML diagrams for a project
at our university, and we have now found a serious bug. Some of us
prefer to use Windows while I work on the final report on Linux (SuSE

Diagrams that have been edited on a Windows computer are corrupt once
I try to use them on Linux.  I get various error messages trying to
open the files, most of the time they still open but the shapes and
lines are all messed up, but I even have witnessed segmentation

Without either more specific bug description or a diagram which would
allow to reproduce the misbehaviour real diagnosis will be near

When I try to batch export these diagrams to eps with the command

DIA=/usr/local/bin/dia     # this is version 0.94

for i in `ls *.dia`; do
        $DIA -e ${i}.eps  -t eps-pango $i

I get a _differerent_ kind of corruption, the layout is correct, but
some of the strings are really really small, almost a line.

opened with dia, the font size is correct, but the shapes are
corrupted as described.
Where? Custom shapes?

Export on Windows leads to a crash as already
described in bugzilla.

Bug number?

Now, the real problem is, our deadline is next tuesday and we have _very_
many diagrams, we don't have the time to redraw all of them. Is there
any trick that could help us? Would the CVS version help?
Depends on the concrete bug(s). But I tend to assume that current cvs
shouldn't be much worse than 0.94 ;)

Please, if
there is anything we could do to rescue our diagrams, please let me

Again, having a diagram to reproduce the misbehaviour may be of
help. Otherwise there seems to be too much guessing involved.


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