Re: Problem with user interface language

Steffen Macke schrieb:
Hi Andreas,

I installed Dia 0.94 on win XP and have set LANG=DE in a batch before
starting dia.
Now all menus appeare in german, but the OK, Close and Apply buttons in
the dialogs remain english.

Is there a soultion to this ?

Possibly. Those buttons are from GTK+ directly. Looks like the GTK+ locale files
are not found (Most probably installed in the wrong place).
Unfortunately I cannot hunt down the problem right now. Please file
a bug in bugzilla to keep track of this problem.


I already had GIMP installed and there the dialogs are german.
The path to the locales of GTK is:
C:\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\GTK\1.3\lib\locale\de\LC_MESSAGES

Do I need to set this elsewhere in the registry or in the PATH variable ?

Thank you

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