Re: Dia ignores size of shapes

sas31415 gmx net sagde:

I like Dia very much and trying to develop some new shapes.
It's important to me that Dia does not resize the shapes on loading and
respects the size of the svg-image.

* When I design two boxes, one 2.5x1 and one 0.5x1, Dia rescales them on
  loading so that they don't have the same height, as they should have.
* When the grid is set to grid_x=0.5 and grid_y=1, the first box should
  fill exactly 5x1 fields and the second box exactly 1x1 fields.

It is no problem to rescale the shapes after loading manually but I would
like to ommit this manual step.


  <aspectratio type="fixed" resize="no" />


  <svg:svg width="2.5cm" height="1cm">

didn't help to preserve the size on loading.

I'm using Dia 0.94 from Debian sarge.

What should I to add to the .shape-file to maintain the correct sizes?

Thank you very much in advance!

There's no way to fix that in the .shape file currently.  It is set
explicitly in objects/custom/custom_object.c:custom_create(), where the
width is set to constant values.  It would make sense to use the object's
own size, if one is given.  If you can add that yourself, a patch would be
welcome, otherwise a bugreport on would make us more
likely to pick up the idea when one of us has time for it.


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