Re: Microsoft Opening Office XML Formats --> Visio support in DIA?

On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, David Stotijn wrote:

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Subject: Microsoft Opening Office XML Formats --> Visio support in DIA?


I read an article on slashdot
&tid=109&tid=1) that said Microsoft is opening Office XML Formats.

Visio has used XML for quite a long time now.

The first iteration of XML they used was useless to us and little more
than a bit of XML wrapping lots of incomprehensible binary blobs.

Their more recent attempt at XML known as VXD was adequately documenated
and people have been able to do something with it.

Will that mean that Dia may include Visio support in the future?


There isn't anyone doing a lot of work (if any in that area) but if you
wanted to work on it we always welcome new developers to get involved and
help improve Dia.

I suppose the closest thing to an answer is the FAQ entry
"Can Dia open Visio .vsd files?"

(basically the answer is still no)

That would be great ;0

Sorry if this has been asked before.

If you searched the mailing list archives and looked in bugzilla then you
have no reason to be sorry for asking questions (there is a bug about not
being able to import an SVG file produced in Visio but not much else).
If you didn't well please do try checking first next time.

Hope that helps.


Alan Horkan

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