Re: Dia v 0.94 error (fwd)

posting to list so that others know this guy did get a response to his

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Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 16:44:53 -0600
From: Don Finley <DFinley helena com>
To: Alan Horkan <horkana maths tcd ie>
Subject: Re: Dia v 0.94 error

 The error that I sent you earlier  about:

Everytime when I open the Dia v 0.94 software I get an error message in a
DOS box with the error:

I/O warning : failed to load external entity "NULL"

Well I found out my problem. Either you have to save a flowchart or print
the flowchart and this error will go away.
Just thought I would let you know what I found out.

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short answer:

dont worry about it

if you need more info then searching the mailing list archives should turn
up previous discussions on this.

sorry, dont have time to give a more thorough answer.

if you find an answer you are satisfied please try to let the list know
you are not waiting for an answer, as someone will usually try and make
sure all questions eventually get some sort of a public answer.


Alan Horkan

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