python plugin to generate a family three from gramps

(once again, this time including the file)


I just wanted to let you know that I started using the python interface of
dia to generate diagrams of my family tree. Hans, you did a really good job

The python plugin directly imports the base classes of gramps
( to read in the persons and relations from
my genealogical gramps database. It then creates UML-Class-Objects to
represent the persons. (Misusing UML is a ugly hack because of the lack of
an apropriate object).

This python interface is really nice :-) but it looks incomplete to me. It
would really be nice if I could write new dia objects using python instead
of C.

You can test it if you like but its far from being finished. It requires a
current version of gramps2/HEAD (aka unstable, aka 1.1.x). Unzip the
attached file and place it
in the folder: ~/.dia/python/
Edit the path right at the beginning of the code and point it to your gramps
folder. After starting up dia you should see a new menu entry in the
toolbox-window: [Tools]->[Import]->[Gramps family thee]. Then select a .grdb
file (hint: use a copy), and choose the size of the tree. It will then
either crash or open a new drawing in which you have to manually arrange the

Cheers, Martin.

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